Summer 2013 Mini Bloggiesta Finish Line

I hope you’ve all had a blast this weekend working on your blogs! Hopefully you were able to get a lot done and check off those lists like crazy! If you’ve written a wrap up post and would like to share, link up below.

Our next event will be a monthly chat on Twitter on Saturday August 17th at 10 a.m. Eastern.

And then in September we’ll have our main Bloggiesta event the 20 to 22. So be ready to work hard then! Sign ups for hosts will be posted here in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for playing!

3 thoughts on “Summer 2013 Mini Bloggiesta Finish Line

  1. Thanks for a fabulous mini-Bloggiesta! I didn’t even go online yesterday, but I did get tons of stuff done on Saturday. You guise rock!

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