Winter 2014 Mini Bloggiesta Finish Line

How did everyone do this weekend!? Hopefully you all feel so accomplished and satisfied with your blogs. Maybe a little tired. Tired, but happy, right?

Let us know how it went in a wrap up post or link to your To Do Lists with updated comments added, whatever you like.

And thanks again for participating. The next Bloggiesta is March 27 through 30. I’ve just now this very moment decided to make it be Thursday through Sunday. Feebdack indicates that many of you wanted another day and especially not a weekend day. Thursday is better for me, so Thursday it is! We’ll see how it goes!

11 thoughts on “Winter 2014 Mini Bloggiesta Finish Line

  1. Thanks for hosting this event! It was awesome! I just wish I had more time to do more. It’ll have to be in March. I want to say that I think it is a great idea to host that event from Thursday to Sunday, because weekend can be a bit tricky, so an extra day is awesome.

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