Bloggiesta Business

Hey everyone! I hope you had a good mini Bloggiesta this past weekend. Sorry I had to pretty much bow out from running things here to attend (and speak at!) my grandma’s funeral. Then we immediately came home to host a Japanese student for this week and so went right into entertaining mode.  Life is crazy but fun!

Thanks so much to Amanda who took over the reins for the chat on Sunday!

Sorry there was no official starting line (other than the sign up post) or ending line, link up, but I figured it was a small enough event this time around that it wouldn’t be too terribly missed!

And now, we can start looking forward to the main fall Bloggiesta happening in September! It will be here before we know it! The dates on the sidebar still show a three day event, but we’ll actually start on Thursday and have four days to party, like we did back in March.

So the dates for the upcoming Bloggiesta will be September 18 through the 21. Mark your  calendars and spread the word! I’ll be looking for mini challenge hosts in just a couple of weeks, maybe mid August we’ll get that process started, so if you are interested or have a great idea, please let me know.  Send an email to bloggiesta AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks so much for participating! I bet you all have the spiffy-est blogs around!