Looking for Mini Challenge Hosts for Bloggiesta in September!

Whether you are new to Bloggiesta or an old timer, we’d love to have you be a mini challenge host! If there’s something you feel you do well, or are a little bit of an expert in, write a blog post and teach the rest of us how! Then challenge us to actually DO something. Post this challenge just before Bloggiesta starts and let the fun begin! You can offer a prize if you want, we leave that up to the individual hosts.

If you have been a challenge host in the past and would like to “upgrade” your challenge to be more advanced, for those bloggers needing an extra push, we are looking for hosts willing to do such a thing. We are getting feedback that we need some more advanced challenges. If this sounds like something you are interested in, we want you!

Either way, let us know. The best way to contact us is to send an email to Bloggiesta@gmail.com with your idea, or your plans to upgrade an old challenge.

The dates for Bloggiesta will be September 18 to 21… challenge posts will need to go up on Wednesday the 17th.

We look forward to hearing from a bunch of you! It’s fun. I promise!

Thanks for your help. You’re all awesome.

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