Sunday Twitter Chat Wrap Up: Ideas and Feedback


Sunday we had our final Bloggiesta chat for this event. We got a bunch of feedback and ideas for future events. Here’s some of the things we talked about:

Some of the things participants accomplished this go around:

  • wrote and scheduled reviews
  • set up google calendar
  • emailed authors for author spotlights
  • cleaned up Goodreads account
  • visited lots of blogs
  • set up anchor links
  • updated review archive
  • cleaned up labels
  • scheduled posts

Future Mini Challenge Suggestions:

  • a challenge on past challenges
  • pros and cons on Goodreads-like sites
  • tutorial on scheduling software…like Buffer
  • ideas on making and receiving better comments
  • when is the best time to schedule posts
  • simplifying blogging
  • incorporating other media/posts into blogs
  • idea generators
  • how to plan themed events and engage authors for said themes
  • creating a blog planner
  • “to hash or not to hash”

Other Suggestions

  • themed chats are nice, but also have a free for all chat
  • have a Facebook group (not just a page like we have now)
  • have an event that’s a week long, perhaps in the spring

Any other suggestions or thoughts? Let us know in the comments! There’ll also be a short feedback survey up soon. Thanks for participating!

One thought on “Sunday Twitter Chat Wrap Up: Ideas and Feedback

  1. I love that you posted summaries of the twitter chats on the site! I don’t recall seeing that before and I liked being able to get a feel for what I missed in the chats I didn’t get to. (Which ended up being all of them this time!)

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