Saturday’s Twitter Chat Recap: Books and Reading

Thank you to Rachel Noel from Purple Owl Reviews for hosting the Twitter chat today!  The discussion was all about books and reading in general.  I (Suey) missed about half the chat, but have managed to scroll back for a few notes.

What do you read and review on your blog? Pretty much everyone was all over the place on this one. Most people read everything but some said, “anything will romance” or “mostly fantasy” or “a lot of YA!”  Some love audiobooks, some not so much. Some love ebooks, some not so much.

How do you find books?

  • Blogs
  • Amazon
  • Goodreads
  • Edelweiss
  • Twitter
  • Bookstore
  • Recs
  • Author events
  • NetGalley
  • my past life! (revisiting favorites)
  • Friends

How do you decide which books you read actually get reviewed?

  • lots of people review everything they read
  • some review if they feel they have something to add to the conversation
  • many said they review the books from authors and/or publishers always, but only review the books from their own shelves if they feel like it
  • some say they only review books that they are very passionate about!

What about if you didn’t finish them? Still review?

  • yes, if it’s for a publisher/author
  • no, no , no
  • they get mentioned on the monthly wrap up post with reasons for the DNF
  • yes, if there’s constructive criticism to give, or feel the need to warn readers

What about reading friends books? 

  • some said if they do read and review a friend’s book, they’ll give a little disclaimer
  • it’s hard most people said, because if you didn’t like it… awkward!
  • some like to be beta readers for their friends book projects

How do you avoid spoilers in reviews?

  • give warnings ahead of time
  • say “because reasons” as part of explaining the book
  • only tell your feels about the book, and not stuff from the book itself

Do you feel pressure to rate a book high that is very popular and most people have liked?

  • resounding answer… NO!
  • Some said they felt this in the beginning as a newbie, but not so much anymore
  • We concluded: books with lots of hype don’t guarantee a high rating

And what if you don’t like a book you read for a blog tour?

  • tell the blog tour people ahead of time, before you review it
  • find something positive to say
  • talk about the book, and not the author

That’s pretty much what I caught from yet another quick and awesome chat!

The final chat will be tomorrow at 3 pm Eastern. We’ll talk about whatever strikes your fancy and give some feedback about the event in general.




5 thoughts on “Saturday’s Twitter Chat Recap: Books and Reading

  1. sorry wasn’t there today – busy day out and about with book friends, followed by a much needed nap!

    Thank you for these posts – I have read them all, even if I didnt comment, and found them very useful. Hope other people found them as useful as I did. I may go back into the original conversation and see if there’s any tips etc that will help me.

  2. I still mostly find books by wandering around the library/bookstore and seeing what catches my eye. I am more aware of books I’ve seen reviewed, though, so they often go on my to-read list, even if I never get around to them.

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