Spring 2015 Bloggiesta Finish Line

Our first week long Bloggiesta has come to an end! That was quick! What did you all think? Was it worth it? Did you get a ton done? I hope so and I hope you all had a great time doing it!

If you’d like to write and share your wrap up posts, or your updated To Do Lists, sign up in the linky below. We’ll also post a simple feedback form in the next day or two so we can learn more about your feelings on this event. If you have ideas for future mini challenges, you can let us know there.

The dates for Bloggiesta events for the rest of this year have changed slightly from previously advertised. We’ve bumped both up one week. Which means, the Summer Mini Bloggiesta will be June 13 and 14 and the Fall Bloggiesta will be September 17 through 20. Mark your calendars!

Thanks so much for participating!

5 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Bloggiesta Finish Line

  1. Thanks so much for hosting this, I had sososososososo much fun and learned so much! You should do week-long bloggiestas every time, maybe even two weeks. I’m not sure whether I’m going to be able to get as much done in only two days in June. So happy I discovered this & thank you again :))

    -Jen xx

  2. I discovered this site and this event in the middle of the week (I must have stumbled across it from someone’s link, and now I can’t remember who!) and am so bummed I didn’t find it sooner! But I’ve been reading all of the back posts and getting ideas and may still make some changes to my blog in the next few weeks because of it.

    I’m actually in the middle of a revamp on my blog anyway, as its purpose is changing along with my job (leaving my job as a youth librarian to stay home with my kids). So if anyone reads this and would like to take a peek, I’d love to connect with some new people and join what sounds like an awesome group of book bloggers!

    I’m looking forward to the Summer Mini Bloggiesta already!!

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