Thursday’s Twitter Chat Recap: Reviews

At this evenings chat, hosted by Jessica from The Bluestocking Society, we concentrated on discussing all the various aspects of reviewing books on our blogs.  Here are a few things that were brought up:

What do you think should be included in a review?

  • the book cover
  • a synopsis (most people use Goodreads, some write their own, most find it hard though, some read the synopsis, some skip it)
  • your rating
  • links to author’s page and/or twitter, other reviews, where you can buy the book, Goodreads
  • if you liked it or not!
  • book info

What should NOT be included?

  • SPOILERS!  (we discussed spoilers at length. Be sure to have a disclaimer if there are spoilers!)
  • don’t tell us the ending,  or if there’s a cliff hanger, or twists
  • don’t link to illegal downloads
  • don’t compare to other books, it might be an accidental spoiler!
  • A couple of sites were you can talk about a book and not worry about spoilers: The Socratic Salon and The Book Spoiler

What do you like to see in a review:

  • personality!
  • emotions!
  • if it’s a series and what number is it
  • gifs are fun sometimes, used sparingly
  • quotes, sometimes. Many people find quotes a fun thing to include.

How do you get your reviews to be unique?

  • change up the format
  • include the first line
  • thoughts on the first line or cover
  • why did you decide to read this book?
  • quotes and gifs
  • be snarky
  • interview the characters
  • make lists
  • create a discussion
  • use bullet points

What other content do you like to see in book blogger blogs besides book reviews?

  • Discussions!
  • personal posts
  • recipes and food articles
  • posts on crafting
  • movie and/or TV reviews
  • Top Tens
  • The Sunday Salon
  • lists and features

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4 thoughts on “Thursday’s Twitter Chat Recap: Reviews

  1. Hm, I think you have to make a huge difference between writing reviews on a blogger blog and actual journalism. I want to eventually pursue a career in Journalism and I tend to write rather formal reviews. I guess for entertainment it’s definitely the right way to go if you write your reviews like this.
    I don’t like those very short 10-12 line reviews that you find on most blogs and I find it rather sloppy to be honest, but I fully get that some people don’t even bother reading reviews that are longer than that.

    I mean in the end we write reviews for publishers as well and they even provide us with free review copies, so I think you should take into consideration as well that your review should be suited for a professional audience. GIFs and bullet points and stuff like that are maybe nice for goodreads, but not for a Book Review Blog, but that’s just my two cents 🙂

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