Tuesday Chat Recap: E-Presence

We took our conversation from Monday… connecting with people… and expanded it to a larger level on Tuesday by talking about all of social media. It was one FAST chat and I’m sure I only caught a bit to share with you all in thisrecap! Here’s what I managed:

We unofficially ranked the most popular social media sites. Twitter is the huge favorite, followed by Facebook and Tumblr which are okay for some things, then Pinterest and Instagram which are only used by some, and then Google+ which most people don’t quite get.  And it’s rumored that it’s on it’s way out anyway.

Tips for Using Twitter

  • use hashtags
  • be an extrovert!
  • which means.. interact!
  • use tools to post your blog posts automatically
  • and schedule other tweets too
  • make use of Twitter lists
  • be selective of who you follow
  • it’s a party!
  • there was a debate between Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. Tweetdeck seems to be the favorite. Hootsuite seems to be more for professional use.


  • used by a younger crowd
  • seems to be growing and being used more
  • can post there automatically from other places
  • can catch a different crowd there than other places
  • some people like it for eye candy and to promote their fandoms

Pinterest and Instagram

  • people like to use these to get to know bloggers beyond their book blog and bookish hobby
  • Pinterest scares lots because of its time suck!


  • everyone seems to use it but are sick of some of their strange practices
  • some people have blog pages there, but less than expected
  • they make you work too hard to get page views and such

General consensus: Facebook for personal interaction, Tumblr for fandoms, and Twitter for professional connections, Google+ for communities and hangouts, and Pinterest and Instagram for getting to know each other’s life outside of blogging!

Need some more challenges on certain aspects of social media!

Hmmm… should we drop everything all migrate back to MySpace? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Chat Recap: E-Presence

  1. HaHa Pinterest is a time suck but I love it. It’s like a block hole of awesomeness. Great recap. I missed a few of the things you touched up on since I ran a little late getting home.

  2. Great recap! I missed this chat, and really appreciate seeing this summary. One thing I’d like to do is post to my Tumblr more than I currently do.

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