Mini Challenge Hosts Needed for September 2015 Bloggiesta!


Dear Bloggiesta-ers!

It’s time to start planning our next Bloggiesta to be held September 17 to 20! The first thing we need to do is to come up with mini challenges and find bloggers to host them! Are you willing? Is this the year for you? Have you pondered an idea for several times now and really really want to share it? Now is the time!

If you have an idea, please send an email to Bloggiesta AT gmail DOT com.  If you want to host one but don’t really have an idea, here’s a list of some suggestions that have been made in Twitter chats and through the feedback form.

Let us know ASAP if you are interested! Challenges will be posted on your blog the day before the event starts, on September 16. Hosts can provide a prize/giveaway on their own if they want, but it is not required. Hosts should also be participating in general in the event that week and be available to answer questions from those participating in their challenge.

Thanks so much for your help and participation!

Here’s the list of some ideas:

copyright with regard to images
Flickr’s Creative Commons and/or
how to make your own stock photos folder
how to add personality to your blog
how to join and/or create a Twitter hashtag conversation
customization for Blogger
blog planner
getting email under control
Google groups
more on Google+
dealing with email requests
how to make Twitter really work for you
how to make the most of your free blog
try a new reviewing style
how to contact publishers
blog hop reviewing
anything “harder” for those who have been blogging longer
how to host your own blogging event
how to use Buffer

If you have other ideas for challenges, but don’t necessarily want to host one, leave a comment here, and I’ll add it to the list.


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