Bloggiesta Chat Recap: Friday Sept. 18 “Interactions”

Some stuff we talked about:

How important are interactions?

  • they are the best… the “heart” of blogging
  • it’s my main form of human contact
  • depends on your goals
  • it’s good to not have just one sided conversations
  • keeps me going during the slumps
  • it’s why I blog

What problems do you face when it comes to interacting?

  • being too shy
  • between writing, reading and commenting, something has to give… usually it’s commenting

What are some solutions?

  • use small chunks of time
  • force yourself to come out of your box
  • respond to comments immediately if you can
  • use Comment Reply Notification from WP

Feelings on comments?

  • some people worry about them, some not so much
  • some want more, some don’t care
  • comments give you a boost of confidence
  • they let you know if something you wrote got a reaction
  • shares and likes let you know that people are reading your posts
  • more bloggers are engaging on Twitter than in their comments
  • being blamed for adding to others TBR piles is better than comments

Twitter suggestions:

  • find hashtags and follow them, stalk them, respond sometimes even!
  • come to chats like this one!
  • tweet back even if you don’t know that person
  • make twitter lists, it makes things easier to manage
  • keep your messages short

How about events?

  • join the ones that interest you
  • can always lurk! It’s okay!
  • choose ones that will enhance the audience you want

Here’s a link to a calendar of events done by Book Bloggers International

Here’s a link to a Twitter chat schedule done by Emily Reads Everything

One thought on “Bloggiesta Chat Recap: Friday Sept. 18 “Interactions”

  1. Terrific topics.

    I like the one about the comments. It is so nice to have comments.

    I wish I could use Twitter. I never can find my posts or posts from other people unless it comes in my e-mail. I guess I need practice.

    I like your comment about interacting…that’s what I love about blogging too. Book bloggers are the BEST.

    I also like how you say you can “lurk” at events as well as only joining ones that interest you.

    Thanks so much for all of these great points.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

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