Bloggiesta Chat Recap: Saturday Sept. 19 “Visual”


Wow, we had a fast crazy chat this morning! I wasn’t hosting so I should have been able to take awesome notes, and I tried, but still, I think I missed a ton of stuff! Oh, and thanks so much to Rachel Noel for hosting today! She did an awesome job!

Here are some of the things we talked about:


  • have a few brand colors and a few accent colors
  • color is the unifier of your blog, brings things all together
  • trying to keep the colors clean and not to busy
  • you can never have to much purple (Ha!)
  • use different colors for different things
  • too much, it’s too busy
  • too little, it’s too boring

Some sites to help: and Design Seeds

Pictures and Gifs?

  • many said they don’t do gifs themselves, but don’t mind them on other blogs, as long as there aren’t too many
  • lots of people like to use their own pictures
  • like with color, use them sparingly so it doesn’t look too busy
  • everyone seems to love graphics
  • but don’t NOT use pictures either, need to break up the text
  • make your pictures “pinnable”, meaning big and vertical, with a pin this attached to it.
  • social media loves infographics!

Some sites: PicMonkey, and a book that was raved about: Don’t Make Me Think


  • use subheadings and lists
  • bigger is better! Get away from 12 px and make your text 16 or 18 px
  • get rid of three columns… and if you do have a sidebar, keep it uncluttered.
  • only put stuff in there that your readers WANT: social media, subscribe, search, and about
  • readers like to read across the top and down the left
  • sidebars shouldn’t be longer than your post
  • FTC disclaimer should not be on your sidebar, it should be in each post, everytime
  • think about what your readers really care about and what they want to see

About Me and Avatars?

  • yes, have them!
  • some have a short snippet on the sidebar and a fuller page
  • use a good picture of yourself
  • make sure it represents you well
  • keep your picture the same everywhere, all your places

Some talk about HTML and code and CSS and stuff happened. Many people seem to be really amazing at this stuff. Way to go guys! Comment I liked: just learn it! It’s not that hard!

Some resources: CodeAcademy, Canva, Gimp

Sorry I missed so much! It really was hard to get it all down, but there’s a taste for you!