Bloggiesta Chat Recap: Thursday Sept. 17 “Words”

Some stuff we talked about at Thursday’s chat:

What does this theme “words” make you think of?

  • content
  • tone
  • writing
  • being creative
  • it’s the “meat” of the blog
  • expressing yourself

What sort of content should we have or being aiming for?

  • personal
  • honest, stuff that reflects our true selves
  • content that shows off your personality
  • variety
  • natural, conversational
  • content that reflects emotion and entertains
  • original
  • not too long and to the point
  • there’s room for all styles! It’s good we all don’t write or post the same thing!

What is your inspiration for your blog content?

  • the books I’m reading!
  • Indie authors I want to promote
  • thoughts I have in the car/shower/bed/while walking!
  • the passion of fellow bloggers
  • questions I see on social media
  • bouncing ideas off of those with different tastes
  • notes that I keep
  • BookTube videos
  • pictures

What are some struggles you face regarding blog content and writing?

  • reading a boring book and there’s nothing too say (much conversation followed about not having to review every book you read!)
  • starting but not finishing posts
  • trying to force something
  • procrastination
  • Blogger’s block
  • being too repetitive
  • figuring out word choice
  • changing things up visually
  • scheduling

What do you do if feel your blog is getting too boring?

  • do something different!
  • review something other than books
  • talk about something you love
  • do a recipe post
  • see what others are doing and twist it up
  • come at something from a different angle
  • just be yourself

If you want to change up the way you write a review, what are some ideas?

  • make a bullet point list
  • live blog a book
  • use a fun voice or tone
  • make connections with other books
  • use a lot of pictures/gifs
  • vlog it!
  • do mini reviews
  • take notes while reading
  • use quotes
  • make an “enjoyment” graph
  • do a Q and A post