Help Wanted for our Upcoming Spring Bloggiesta March 21-27


The week long Spring Bloggiesta (scheduled for March 21 to March 27) is fast approaching. How would you like to participate? Here’s a list of ways you can help make this event happen:

Be a mini challenge host. For this week long event we’ll need at least 15 mini challenges, but we’ll take more if there’s an interest. We have need of challenges that are geared toward the advanced blogger, as well as challenges geared toward those just starting out. We also like challenges that fit all bloggers, as well as challenges specific to book bloggers. Some recent requests for challenges are (and hopefully we’ve deleted the ones that have been done. Sorry if a few got missed!) :

  • FTP for backing up your blog
  • making a calendar/spreadsheet of book releases and ARCs
  • MailChimp tutorial
  • what does your host do? (Help for self hosted bloggers.)
  • Tumblr: do we want one? Do we need one? Please, someone explain!
  • How to make your blog Pinterest friendly
  • social media strategies
  • how to make your own stock photos folder
  • how to join and/or create a Twitter hashtag conversation
  • customization for Blogger
  • Google groups
  • more on Google+
  • dealing with email requests
  • how to make Twitter really work for you
  • how to make the most of your free blog
  • try a new reviewing style
  • how to contact publishers
  • blog hop reviewing
  • anything “harder” for those who have been blogging longer
  • how to host your own blogging event
  • how to use Buffer
  • host a challenge that matches up blogging buddies
  • host a challenge that gets people to critique each other’s blogs during the event
  • let us know how to use the coolest new app/feature/site that you can’t live without
  • any other idea you have that you would love to share!

If you’d like to host a challenge, please send an email to with your idea. You will need to post the challenge on your blog the day before the challenge begins which is Sunday March 20.

Be a Twitter chat host. We’ll plan to have at least one Twitter chat each day during this week. We need have them at varying times during the day in order to catch people in all times zones. If you choose to help, you will be provided with the login to the Bloggiesta twitter account and run the chat from there.  We’ll brainstorm some daily themes and then have each chat fit that particular theme. (We’ll have a kickoff chat, and a wrap up chat and then five themed chats in between.)  You’ll need to come up with questions to ask and keep the discussion going for an hour. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing, please send an email to 

Be a Twitter Chat recap writer. For the past few Bloggiesta’s we’ve written up a summary of the things we’ve discussed during a Twitter chat. If you’d like to participate by observing the chat, then writing up this recap (that day) and emailing it to us to post on the blog, let us know by sending an email to

Be a Bloggiesta Twitter account monitor. Or in other words, be the person manning the Bloggiesta Twitter account for a day, afternoon, or evening to respond to people and retweet questions and etc. You’d be given the login info and be ready to man the account for your allotted time.  Sound fun? Let us know at

If any of these sound like something you’d like to do, or if you have mentioned already that you’d like to do a specific challenge (and we don’t remember) , or if you have another great idea of something you think we should be doing, please send us an email!

Thanks so much! We look forward to a great event.


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