Monday Chat: Getting to Know You


We had a fun chill chat this afternoon. Mostly it was a casual getting to know each other sort of thing. But one question was asked that had answers we thought you’d be interested in:

What do you like to see when you visit other blogs?

  • passion and excitement
  • thoughtful posts
  • interesting discussions
  • someone who wants to engage and connect
  • Top Ten Lists
  • fun and funky reviews
  • personal posts
  • a good About Me page
  • unique posts, stuff you don’t see every where else you go
  • cake!
  • a personality
  • someone who reviews comics and graphic novels
  • a distinctive voice and POV
  • creative writing
  • a feed that’s easy to add to a feed reader
  • someone who fangirls about books
  • someone who likes the same books as me
  • someone who has weird taste like me
  • a blog were people are commenting and connecting in comments

Stay tuned for the next chat Tuesday at 7:00 pm EDT!

3 thoughts on “Monday Chat: Getting to Know You

  1. I was home and forgot until it was 47 minutes into the chat! I’ll have to set an alert for one of the next ones. Thank you for sharing the highlights!

  2. The chat was a blast. It was great seeing/getting to know some bloggers for the first time. Can’t wait for the next one.

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