Fall Bloggiesta 2016 Closing Chat Twitter Recap

Tonight’s chat was a wrap of of this past Bloggiesta! We chatted about what we accomplished, what we were motivated to accomplish in the future, and what we learned from this Bloggiesta. You can check out #bloggiesta on Twitter to see the whole chat, but here are a few highlights:

Let’s talk about our progress! What did you accomplish this past weekend? What did you cross off your to do list??

Everyone made so much progress! Is there anything you DIDN’T get done? Anything we can still help with?

Did you complete any mini challenges?? Which ones? Any you want to try in the future? (I think almost everyone in the chat answered this question by talking about bullet journals!)

Do you have any ideas for future Bloggiestas?

We love hosting this event and we can’t wait until next time! Bloggiesta went by so fast! Thank you all for joining us!

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