Spring Bloggiesta 2017 Closing Twitter Chat Recap

Today we wrapped up this Bloggiesta and discussed everything we accomplished in the past week. Nice work everyone! Keep it up!

1) Welcome to the #Bloggiesta Finish Line chat! You made it to the finish line, step up to the podium and introduce yourselves and your platform(s).

Β 2) Winner’s circle: Share what you’ve accomplished during #Bloggiesta.

Β 3) War stories: Share one of your favorite experiences or posts (or both) from #Bloggiesta.

4) Post workout stretch: #Bloggiesta can be intense, how did you keep yourself from burning out?

5) Support crew: Time to give a shoutout to the people who keep you going or inspire you. #Bloggiesta

6) Gearing up: What were your essential supplies that got you through #Bloggiesta?

7) Coach: What’s a piece of advice you’d give to someone who just started #Bloggiesta or blogging?

8) Click-bait: As a bit of fun, rewrite one of the titles of your posts as a click-bait article. #Bloggiesta

9) The horizon: What are you setting your sights on now? A blog goal or otherwise. #Bloggiesta

10) If your blog was an animal, what would it be? #Bloggiesta

11) We’d love to know what you’d like to see more of or change for the next #Bloggiesta.

12) Blog hopping: Let us share in your victories, share your links here! #BloggiestaΒ 



Bloggers are the best:

Something we all wanted:

What many of us look for in a blog:

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