Spring Bloggiesta 2017 Opening Twitter Chat Recap

Today we kicked off the Spring Bloggiesta with a chat about what we hope to accomplish this coming week. We had a few newbies join us and everyone made friends and offered advice to each other. It was a great kickoff to what will hopefully be a very productive week!

Q1) Introduce yourself! You know the drill, name & blog. Also is this your 1st #bloggiesta? How’d u find us or how long have u been w/ us?

Q2) Which goal’s at the top of your list & why? #bloggiesta

Q3) For all you veterans, how has #bloggiesta helped you in the past? And for the newbies, why’d you decide to join this year?

Q4) Cause we all need some quality bragging time, what’s your favorite thing about your blog? #bloggiesta

Q5) What’s a #bloggiesta goal you’ve achieved in the past? (If you’re a newbie it doesn’t have to be from bloggiesta.)

Q6) Which goal on your list do you think will be the hardest to achieve & why? #bloggiesta

Q6.5) If someone’s uber difficult goal matches up with an area of your expertise, maybe lend them a hand? #bloggiesta

Q7) What’s your biggest blogging pet peeve? #bloggiesta