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Dates for 2015 Bloggiestas

We have dates for next year’s Bloggiesta events! Please mark your calendars!

Mini Winter Bloggiesta: January 17, 18…and 19th? (this one will be on the MLK weekend holiday… thinking about carrying Bloggiesta through the Monday holiday.)
Main Spring Bloggiesta: March 23 through 29 (We’ll give a week long event a shot here! Spring cleaning Bloggiesta!)
Mini Summer Bloggiesta: June 20-21 (Bumping this a little earlier from our usual July dates)
Main Fall Bloggiesta:  September 24-27
See you there!
Also, we’ve created a Facebook Group for Bloggiesta. If you’d like to join come and request membership. We’ll also ask you to fill out a form to let us know who you are. You’ll see that over on the page. Thanks!

Looking for Mini Challenge Hosts for Bloggiesta in September!

Whether you are new to Bloggiesta or an old timer, we’d love to have you be a mini challenge host! If there’s something you feel you do well, or are a little bit of an expert in, write a blog post and teach the rest of us how! Then challenge us to actually DO something. Post this challenge just before Bloggiesta starts and let the fun begin! You can offer a prize if you want, we leave that up to the individual hosts.

If you have been a challenge host in the past and would like to “upgrade” your challenge to be more advanced, for those bloggers needing an extra push, we are looking for hosts willing to do such a thing. We are getting feedback that we need some more advanced challenges. If this sounds like something you are interested in, we want you!

Either way, let us know. The best way to contact us is to send an email to with your idea, or your plans to upgrade an old challenge.

The dates for Bloggiesta will be September 18 to 21… challenge posts will need to go up on Wednesday the 17th.

We look forward to hearing from a bunch of you! It’s fun. I promise!

Thanks for your help. You’re all awesome.

Bloggiesta Business

Hey everyone! I hope you had a good mini Bloggiesta this past weekend. Sorry I had to pretty much bow out from running things here to attend (and speak at!) my grandma’s funeral. Then we immediately came home to host a Japanese student for this week and so went right into entertaining mode.  Life is crazy but fun!

Thanks so much to Amanda who took over the reins for the chat on Sunday!

Sorry there was no official starting line (other than the sign up post) or ending line, link up, but I figured it was a small enough event this time around that it wouldn’t be too terribly missed!

And now, we can start looking forward to the main fall Bloggiesta happening in September! It will be here before we know it! The dates on the sidebar still show a three day event, but we’ll actually start on Thursday and have four days to party, like we did back in March.

So the dates for the upcoming Bloggiesta will be September 18 through the 21. Mark your  calendars and spread the word! I’ll be looking for mini challenge hosts in just a couple of weeks, maybe mid August we’ll get that process started, so if you are interested or have a great idea, please let me know.  Send an email to bloggiesta AT gmail DOT com.

Thanks so much for participating! I bet you all have the spiffy-est blogs around!


Twitter Chats for Spring 2014 Bloggiesta

Announcing the #Bloggiesta Twitter chats!

Thursday Mar. 27: 9 p.m. Eastern (chatting right after +Amanda Shofner ‘s Google+ Hangout Challenge!)
Friday Mar 28: 4 p.m. Eastern
Saturday Mar 29: 11 a.m. Eastern
Sunday Mar 30: 8 p.m. Eastern

Mark your calendars! We’ll be chatting using the #bloggiesta hashtag.

Also, each day we’ll have a different theme to guide the chat. Not that we HAVE to talk about that theme during the chat, but we’ll start out with that in mind.

Thursday: Social Media and Your Blog
Friday: The Technical Aspects of Blogging
Saturday: Organization and Time Management
Sunday: Book Blogging, Misc.Blogging Improvement and Feedback

Please join us!

Mini Challenge Hosts Needed for Bloggiesta in March

Hey everyone! It’s time to plan the next Bloggiesta! We have a few willing souls scheduled to host some mini challenges, but we need several more. Instead of having a long detailed sign up sheet, we were hoping those interested could email us and we’ll talk about what you’d like to do.

We welcome your own ideas of course. But if you need some suggestions, here’s a list of topics that we noted from past feedback forms and Twitter chats… things that people are asking for!

* Picmonkey
* Facebook for your blog? Yes or no.
* Business card tutorial
* Feedly vs. Bloglovin’
* Header tutorial
* WordPress vs. Blogger
* Are About Me pages necessary?
* Twitter platforms
* FTC rules and disclaimers on review posts
* how to use social media
* ideas for great blogiversary celebrations
* monetizing
* BookLikes
* a list of blogging conferences
* challenge bloggers to share their top five tips and tricks
* task management apps
* Pinterest for bloggers
* Instagram for bloggers
* how to do author interviews
* BookTubing
* Photo formatting tips for Blogger blogs

If any of these look like something you can teach to other bloggers, comment here with your email, or simply send us an email at bloggiesta AT gmail DOT com.

We hope to hear from all you awesome bloggers!

Twitter Chats for Fall 2013 Bloggiesta!

Hey all you Bloggiesta participants! We’ll be chatting on Twitter during the event this weekend at the following times:

Friday the 20th at 9 p.m. Eastern
Saturday the 21st at 10 a.m. Eastern
Sunday the 22nd at 5 p.m. Eastern

Please come and join us!

Be sure to follow @Bloggiesta and use the #bloggiesta hashtag.

And just so you now and can plan accordingly, we’ve done two hour chats previously, but this time they will just be an hour long.

See you there!


Future Bloggiesta Dates!



Here’s what we’ve come up with for Bloggiesta dates for the rest of the year, including monthly Twitter chats! We’ll give that a try and see how it goes.  Not sure on the times yet for those but probably the same as what we did for the main chats last week which were Fridays at 9 p.m. Eastern and Saturdays at 10 a.m. Eastern. Sound good?  (We’ll alternate between those two days each month.)

Also, you may notice that all these events fall on the third weekend of the month. We’ll try that idea out for a bit too!

Friday, April 19: Chat
Saturday, May 18: Chat
Friday, June 21: Chat
Sat and Sun, July 20-21: Mini Bloggiesta 
Saturday, Aug 17: Chat
Fri-Sun,  Sept 20-22: Main Bloggiesta
Friday, Oct 18: Chat
Saturday, Nov 16: Chat
Friday, Dec 20: Chat

The dates for the Mini Bloggiesta have been added to the Bloggiesta logo above, so please feel free to grab that and paste on your own blogs to help spread the word. Thanks!

Bloggiesta Twitter Chattin’

Those of you who couldn’t make it, I thought you might be interested in some of things we talked about during the Bloggiesta Twitter chats:

What we helped each other with:

  • G+: good or bad
  • Picmonkey for doing graphics and headers and collages
  • Best Book Blogger widget, for WordPress I think
  • Facebook: should you or shouldn’t you for your blog?
  • Business cards: what to include
  • How to chose which bloggers to follow
  • Feedly vs. Bloglovin’
  • NetGalley vs. Edelweiss
  • Headers
  • WordPress vs. Blogger
  • Are About Me pages necessary?
  • What’s best: getting comments on your blog, or getting responses from your comments on someone else’s blog?
  • Twitter platforms
  • How to organize review archives
  • Favorite bookish website
  • Upcoming book blogging events

What we want to see more of and need help with NEXT time:

  • How to be a better writer
  • How to brainstorm for post ideas
  • Adding disclaimers to review posts
  • Learn how to guest post
  • Learn about keywords and SEO
  • Learn basic code
  • Changing categories in WP
  •  We need a standard To Do list!
  • Social estate planning for our blogs
  • Understanding stats
  • How to better use social media
  • How to host a giveaway
  • Reviews: what it needs vs what people want

Things that would be cool:

  • subscribe by email to the Bloggiesta blog
  • actual lists of past challenges on the website
  • mini Twitter chats between events
  • maybe a Goodreads and Google+ group?
  • events announced sooner!
  • an email list perhaps
  • Facebook! (Done!)

Just a taste for what our Twitter chats are like! If you see something on this list that you would like to help with, please, let us know!