Bloggiesta Spring 2014 Finish Line

Well. Sadly, our blitz of blogging like crazy has come to an end. I hope you all had a great time and got tons done! Let’s do this again sometime, shall we? (Mini Bloggiesta will be in July, the next BIG one will be in September. See sidebar for dates.)

If you’d like to link to your wrap up posts, or your updated To Do Lists, sign up in the the linky below. We’ll have a simple feedback form up in the next day or two so we can learn how your experience went. If you have ideas for future mini challenges, you can let us know there.

Thanks so much for participating!


Bloggiesta Begins Now!

Mark, get set, go! Start working on your blogs now! (Ha, I know many of you have already jumped the gun and have been working feverishly already!)

Here’s a few things to remember about the way Bloggiesta works.


  • Bloggiesta begins now and runs through Sunday night… wherever you are. We don’t have specific starting and ending times…. just Thursday March 27 through Sunday March 30… wherever and whenever you are in the world!
  • Plan to spend as much time as you can working on your to do list and completing mini challenges. Don’t worry about having the entire four days to devote to this, but do challenge yourself to put in some good hours to the project. 
  • Feel free to update your progress any way you see fit. You can just cross things off your list, or write a couple of update posts. We will have a Finish Line Post link up here on Sunday for anyone wishing to link up their summary posts (or crossed off lists.)


  • Much of our connection with each other will be happening on Twitter. Be sure to follow @Bloggiesta and the hashtag #bloggiesta.
  • Be sure to join us for the Twitter chats. They are a blast! This year we are having themed chats. Here’s the schedule:
    • Thursday March 27 @ 9 p.m. Eastern:  Social Media and Your Blog
      Friday March 28 @ 4 p.m. Eastern: Technical Aspects of Blogging
      Saturday March 29 @ 11 a.m. Eastern: Organization
      Sunday March 30 @ 8 p.m. Eastern: Book Blogging and Misc.
  • Also, plan to do lots of blog hopping by clicking on participants links (See the sign up links here.) Send lots of encouragement everyone’s way and help out with your expertise on all bloggish things! This is a big part of the whole idea of Bloggiesta! 
  • Be sure to participate in as many mini challenges as you can! The new ones are listed here, and previous challenges are listed here. Give our awesome challenge hosts lots of link love and ask them lots of questions!

And that’s about all there is to it! Go forth and blog your hearts heart!


Mini Challenges for Spring 2014 Bloggiesta

Bloggiesta1S14Are you ready to get busy working on your blogs? To help you in this endeavor,  we are offering the following mini challenges:

Social Media

General Blog Improvement

Getting Organized

Challenges Specific to Book Blogging

As you click through you’ll discover several hosts are offering prizes in connection with their challenges.

Give all our hosts lots of love and participate in as many challenges as you can. If you have problems or questions regarding their challenges, contact them on their blogs or twitter. They are here to help!

And thanks to all our awesome hosts! You’ve all come up some amazing challenges!

Happy Bloggiesta everyone!


Bloggiesta Spring 2014 Sign Ups


Welcome to Bloggiesta! We’ll officially get started next week on Thursday, March 27, but today (and all this week) you can sign up and let us know what you plan on accomplishing during our four day blogging fiesta.

If you don’t know where to get started, you can find a sample To Do List here.

Most bloggers use the time to do pesky tasks that they are always putting off. Things like fixing the header, adding sidebar content (or deleting!), catching up on archive lists, fixing labels and tags, learning how to finally do… whatever it is you’ve always wanted to do!

For more ideas, check out our past mini challenges here. You can always work on those things you missed from previous events.

Our new list of mini challenges will go live sometime the day before the event on Wednesday March 26. We have some awesome things planned! Stay tuned!

Also, be sure to add the Twitter chats (#bloggiesta) to your calender. This year we are going to try something different and have themed topics for each chat. But feel free to chat about anything blogging related at any and all of the chats.

Here’s the schedule:

Social Media and Your Blog: Thursday March 27 @ 9 p.m. Eastern
The Technical Aspects of Blogging: Friday March 28 @ 4 p.m. Eastern
Organization and Time Management: Saturday March 29 @ 11 a.m. Eastern
Book Blogging/Misc. Blogging Improvement: Sunday March 30 @ 8 p.m. Eastern

We’ll also be having a Google Plus On Air Hangout Thursday at 8 p.m. Eastern. You’ll learn more about that from Amanda’s (On a Book Bender) Google Plus Mini Challenge. We hope you’ll join in the fun!

And now, the To Do List linky. Please sign up using a link that goes directly to your To Do Lists! Also, if you are on Twitter and would like other participants to be able to find you there, add that just after your name. Thanks!

Twitter Chats for Spring 2014 Bloggiesta

Announcing the #Bloggiesta Twitter chats!

Thursday Mar. 27: 9 p.m. Eastern (chatting right after +Amanda Shofner ‘s Google+ Hangout Challenge!)
Friday Mar 28: 4 p.m. Eastern
Saturday Mar 29: 11 a.m. Eastern
Sunday Mar 30: 8 p.m. Eastern

Mark your calendars! We’ll be chatting using the #bloggiesta hashtag.

Also, each day we’ll have a different theme to guide the chat. Not that we HAVE to talk about that theme during the chat, but we’ll start out with that in mind.

Thursday: Social Media and Your Blog
Friday: The Technical Aspects of Blogging
Saturday: Organization and Time Management
Sunday: Book Blogging, Misc.Blogging Improvement and Feedback

Please join us!

Mini Challenge Hosts Needed for Bloggiesta in March

Hey everyone! It’s time to plan the next Bloggiesta! We have a few willing souls scheduled to host some mini challenges, but we need several more. Instead of having a long detailed sign up sheet, we were hoping those interested could email us and we’ll talk about what you’d like to do.

We welcome your own ideas of course. But if you need some suggestions, here’s a list of topics that we noted from past feedback forms and Twitter chats… things that people are asking for!

* Picmonkey
* Facebook for your blog? Yes or no.
* Business card tutorial
* Feedly vs. Bloglovin’
* Header tutorial
* WordPress vs. Blogger
* Are About Me pages necessary?
* Twitter platforms
* FTC rules and disclaimers on review posts
* how to use social media
* ideas for great blogiversary celebrations
* monetizing
* BookLikes
* a list of blogging conferences
* challenge bloggers to share their top five tips and tricks
* task management apps
* Pinterest for bloggers
* Instagram for bloggers
* how to do author interviews
* BookTubing
* Photo formatting tips for Blogger blogs

If any of these look like something you can teach to other bloggers, comment here with your email, or simply send us an email at bloggiesta AT gmail DOT com.

We hope to hear from all you awesome bloggers!

Winter 2014 Mini Bloggiesta Finish Line

How did everyone do this weekend!? Hopefully you all feel so accomplished and satisfied with your blogs. Maybe a little tired. Tired, but happy, right?

Let us know how it went in a wrap up post or link to your To Do Lists with updated comments added, whatever you like.

And thanks again for participating. The next Bloggiesta is March 27 through 30. I’ve just now this very moment decided to make it be Thursday through Sunday. Feebdack indicates that many of you wanted another day and especially not a weekend day. Thursday is better for me, so Thursday it is! We’ll see how it goes!

Mini Challenges for Winter 2014 Mini Bloggiesta

Bloggiesta MiniW14

We have just a few challenges for this Mini Bloggeista event. That’s so you can do them all! And if you need more, you can access all the past challenges here.

How to Create an Image Map from Monika at A Lovely Bookshelf on the Wall. (@lovelybookshelf)

The B-Word: Branding  from Amanda at On a Book Bender. (@bookbender)

Facing Your Edelweiss Fears from Shannon at River City Reading. (@rivercityreadin)

Back to the Basics: a flashback challenge from Bloggiesta (@bloggiesta)

Have fun working on your blogs!

Don’t forget to join us for the Twitter chat on Saturday at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Winter 2014 Mini Bloggiesta Sign Ups!

Bloggiesta MiniW14You asked for it. You got it! We are now doing sign ups for Bloggiesta a week ahead. The point here, of course, is to help us spread the word that the event is coming up. So sign up and spread the word!

Click our About Page to find out more about what Bloggiesta is and how we got started. But basically, it’s a blogging marathon where we get together with other bloggers and fix all those blogging tasks that we seem to put off and off and off.

One of the best things about Bloggiesta is to learn from other bloggers, many of whom are experts in some blogging thing or another. That’s where the mini challenges come in. For our main events (held March and September) we have quite the huge list. For our mini ones (January and July) we keep things simple with just a few. Stay tuned for that list coming up when Bloggiesta begins this Saturday, the 25th. Meanwhile, you can look over the past mini challenge list to get inspiration for what tasks you’d like to work on. Also, this challenge has a master to do list if you’d like to start there!

But now, it’s time to sign up for our current Mini Bloggiesta which happens next Saturday and Sunday, the 25th and 26th.  To sign up, write a post listing the things you’d like to accomplish during Bloggiesta, also known as your To Do List, and link up to that specific post here. Use one of our buttons and link back to us so others can easily find out all about the event and hopefully join in the fun. Also, include your Twitter name in the link below, if you have one, so we can easily find you there.

Oh, and mark your calendars for Saturday night, the 25th at 9 pm Eastern. That’s when we’ll be chatting on Twitter!

Thanks and have fun!