The “Basics” Mini Challenge

As Bloggiesta hosts, weโ€™d like to challenge you, during this Mini Bloggiesta weekend, to work on two very basic blog tasks.

1. Clean up your blog! You can do something specific (check out past challenges for ideas) or just simply look at your blog with new eyes (pretend you are a first time visitor) and analyze what it looks like. Do you need to delete a few cluttery items? Or add something that’s missing? Or rearrange how things are laid out? Look around at other blogs you like and see the sorts of gadgets and widgets and images they have. Does it look cluttered? Or perfect? Use that as a guideline of how to clean up your blog.

2. Write a Review! If nothing else, use this weekend to catch up on reviews. Do you have a backlog of awesome reviews just waiting to be written? Now is the time! Get it done! No more excuses!

Let us know in comments which one (or both) of these tasks you were able to accomplish. Good luck!

27 thoughts on “The “Basics” Mini Challenge

  1. I’m going to try to do both as well. I have two reviews to write and I’d like to do a “gentle” updating of my blog’s look.

  2. Im cleaning up blog buttons and writing reviews, plus posting reviews to goodreads

  3. I’m working on a few reviews — I’m at least three behind right now, so I’ll be trying to catch up today and tomorrow. I’ve also been looking at other blogs, seeing what I like and what I don’t. I definitely want to update my blog’s look — the header needs an image, and the whole thing needs a more distinctive visual theme. I know more or less what I want, but don’t have a clue how to accomplish it, so that’s a long-term project that will require some research.

  4. I’m doing the review writing too ๐Ÿ™‚
    I already wrote 3 (yay), and if all goes well I’m going to write one more in the next hour.

  5. I did a big blog clean-up over Christmas/New Year, so I’m using what little time I have for Bloggiesta this weekend for writing some new posts. So far, my personal blog got its February update. Now moving over to my business blog to write a post or two there. Thanks for hosting the mini-Bloggiesta!

  6. Trying to work on catching up on some reviews now that I have done some of the mini-challenges. I got one done and linked up to the 3 challenge hosts so that took awhile. But it was my bucket list book (Pride & Prejudice) so it feels REALLY good to have that one done since I have started and stopped reading that book a couple times for the past 2 years!

  7. Thank you so much for hosting these awesome mini-challenges!
    I’ve spent a little time on blog clean-up this weekend, but most of my time is focused on reading and writing reviews!
    So far so good – I’ve written and posted 2 reviews to my blog, and am reading and writing reviews for a few other books that will be posted after Bloggiesta ends.

    I invite you to visit me after the event to see final list of Bloggiesta accomplishments and to check out the reviews!

  8. I took on the 1st part of the challenge, cleaning up my blog, and ugh I just finished the great categories/tags issue on my blog. While I’m still tinkering with the tags (there’s still a few that I want to see if I can combine) I got my categories down to 11 now instead of the 20+ that I had before. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’ve been doing some revamping on my blog for the last month, so that one I can definitely say that I’m in the process of. Now to just write some reviews!!

  10. I cleaned up my sidebar, and fixed broken links! I also wrote 4 mini reviews. One step closing to catching up on all the reviews I have been slacking on.

  11. I actually changed the design and format of my blog, something I never even considered doing in the past almost 4 years. I also scheduled almost two weeks of reviews and posts on the blog, it feels good to get ahead of schedule for a change.

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