Summer 2013 Mini Bloggiesta Starting Line!

Bloggiesta is a blogging event started several years ago by Natasha from Maw Books. We’ve been holding these blogging marathons twice a year where we have a blast working together with other participants on all the  blogging things that seem to accumulate. Since that blogging stuff seems to accumulate so fast, it was decided to have little mini Bloggiestas in between the main ones! Our first mini one was held in February of this year and now….

Welcome to the second Mini Bloggiesta!

It’s just like main events, only smaller! It’s just two days, with just a few mini challenges, and just the one Twitter chat (Saturday the 20th at 10 p.m. Eastern! @bloggiesta #bloggiesta)

We hope you have fun spending whatever time you have this weekend together with other participants working on your blogs! To join the fun, write a post listing what you hope to accomplish this weekend, and link up here. (Add your Twitter name too, so we can connect with you there!)

Be sure to connect with other bloggers to encourage each other and share all your expertise!

Thanks for participating!


3 thoughts on “Summer 2013 Mini Bloggiesta Starting Line!

  1. no time to do it, but will definitely change the format of my blog posts from now own, thanks to the great advice about SEO! I dream one day I’ll start vlogging… hoping to join the twitter party tonight

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