Sign Ups for September 2013 Mini Challenge Hosts!

Our next Bloggiesta event coming up soon on September 20 to 22 and we’d love to have YOU be a mini challenge host!

A mini challenge host is any blogger willing to write up a post that challenges Bloggiesta participants to learn or accomplish some sort of blogging task. It can be simple or a little more involved. It can be anything you have expert knowledge in, or something you’d like to research and learn yourself then share with everyone. It can be anything you think would help other bloggers improve their blogs and blogging experience in any way!

To help get you thinking, here are some things that have been suggested in feedback after the last event:

*Using G+
*Facebook: yes or no?
*Making blog business cards
*How to chose which bloggers to follow
*Feedly vs. Bloglovin’
*NetGalley vs. Edelweiss
*WordPress vs. Blogger
*Twitter platforms
*How to be a better writer
*How to brainstorm for post ideas
*Adding disclaimers to review posts
*Learn how to guest post
*Keywords and SEO
*Basic code
*Understanding stats
*How to better use social media
*How to host a giveaway
*Reviews: what it needs vs what people want

If any of these things sound like something you can teach other bloggers, sign up! Or if you have your own idea about something, sign up!

Remember, as a challenge host, you should be prepared to post the challenge the day before Bloggiesta begins, Thursday September 19, (so we can gather your links) and then be available throughout the event to help and encourage those participating in your challenge. You are welcome to have a prize associated with your challenges…or not, we leave that up to each individual host.

Also, we love to include past challenges in our mini challenge list! Let us know if you’ve hosted before and would like to update your post to be included in this event.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please fill out the form with your info and ideas. Let us know if you have any questions! (