Blogging and Life Tweet Chat

Today we had a Twitter chat about how to balance blogging with our real lives. I thought it would be fun to list here some of the things that were mentioned.

Suggestions for Ways to Manage Time and Maintain Balance

  • set a timer
  • shake things up and do things differently
  • schedule posts ahead of time
  • keep notes while reading
  • write down blog ideas right away
  • use your life as part of your blog inspiration
  • keep perspective
  • readers won’t care if you give yourself a break
  • use your free time wisely

Words of Wisdom and Advice to Those Struggling

  • do what you can when you can
  • take a break if you need it
  • don’t force the blogging
  • blog about the struggle
  • remember to breathe…blogging is supposed to be fun!
  • don’t pressure yourself
  • remember, readers are forgiving
  • love what you write about
  • write when you can then schedule posts
  • don’t beat yourself up, love yourself!
  • remember why you blog
  • read lots of other things for inspiration
  • have fun, stay connected, keep reading
  • jot down prompts
  • do a personal post at least once a week
  • trust others

Some Favorite Tools Mentioned

  • Evernote
  • Hootsuite
  • Google Calendar
  • MS OneNote
  • Buffer
  • Editorial Calendar plugin
  • Exel
  • reading journals
  • old fashioned appointment book

What other suggestions to you have for bloggers struggling with balance and time management?

6 thoughts on “Blogging and Life Tweet Chat

  1. Hate I missed the chat today but these cover the suggestions I had! I LOVE Evernote. So glad Tif got me into that. I jot down notes about books while I am reading in it then I can copy and paste onto my blog and just tweak it as necessary. Saves so much time! (Not that I am really stellar at posting reviews! lol)

    I also second the break thing. I’ve done it and I’m here to tell you that people welcome you back!

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