Friday Twitter Chat Recap: Organization and Balance


Lots of awesome thoughts and advice were flying around the Twitter chat tonight! Thanks to Amanda from On a Book Bender for guest hosting and keeping things lively. Here are some thoughts that everyone had about blogging and balancing life and keeping organized.

The first question asked was: Where do does the pressure come from? The overwhelming response was… from ourselves.  The point being, if we are feeling blogging pressure at all it’s because we are doing to ourselves. Everyone agreed that we worry about writing perfectly, wanting to do more, comparing our blogs to others, feeling some peer pressure, worry about content, and etc. But in reality, we do this pressure thing to ourselves. No one else is making us do this. That being said and agreed on, we discussed the following questions:

What are some signs you are having blogger burnout?

  • withdraw from interacting and hide in a hole
  • not knowing what to say about the books you’re reading
  • feeling like you’re forcing content
  • having a lack of motivation
  • dreading writing a review, or even reading
  • much apathy toward blogging and other things in life

How do you minimize the stress?

  • be choosier about which books you read
  • take breaks
  • schedule posts
  • remember it’s a hobby and not a career
  • just don’t stress!
  • give yourself a pep talk
  • have a review reserve to fall back on
  • don’t review every single thing you read
  • recognize what you can and can’t do
  • take time to do other hobbies
  • break the self-inflicted rules (like “I must everyday! and etc)

What one thing would you eliminate from your routine if you could?

  • reading ARCS
  • cross posting
  • writing too many reviews
  • taking too long to write reviews
  • the need to post every day
  • getting on too many mailing lists

How do you keep blogging fun?

  • talk to other bloggers
  • blog what you want
  • be friendly and visit other blogs
  • participate in the community
  • just keep going!
  • learn and try new things
  • be creative
  • be silly
  • ramble
  • write non-bookish posts
  • have fun on Twitter
  • do some memes now and then
  • read what you want and not what you have to
  • write posts that entertain yourself and make you laugh

What advice would you give… to yourself and new bloggers?

  • It’s your blog, your rules.
  • find a niche
  • there are NO rules!
  • be yourself and have fun.
  • participate in the community
  • be original
  • make a list of ideas to fall back on
  • don’t have high expectations
  • don’t get on mailing lists
  • be careful of requesting too many ARCs
  • try things
  • remember why you started in the first place
  • blog for yourself and not your readers
  • make lots of friends!

We had lots of fun chit chatting tonight! If you want more advice for dealing with the pressures of blogging, be sure to check out the links on this page.

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