Monday’s Twitter Chat Recap: PEOPLE

We’ve just had a crazy fast Twitter chat, all about people and the connections we make with them through blogging. Much of the conversation centered around comments and followers.  Here are a few things we discussed:

How do you get more comments?

  • make sure it’s easy to comment on your blog. No CAPTCHA
  • get out more! participate!
  • end your posts with a question
  • visit other blogs and leave comments there
  • engage on Twitter

What comment platforms do you like?

  • Disqus is a favorite, though some people have issues making it work on their blogs
  • CommentLuv is a popular one too
  • Everyone seemed to dislike Intense Debate
  • WordPress has a good default system
  • Blogger’s is not liked, though some people haven’t ever really had an issue with it
  • Make to use something that gives readers options, and don’t force them to sign in

Any rules for comment? Do’s and Don’t’s?

  • Don’t promote your blog and add a link
  • Write in your own voice.
  • Be polite if your comment is to disagree with something.
  • Did we say, no links? 🙂

What posts get you the most comments?

  • NOT book reviews! Least amount of comments usually.
  • Discussion posts
  • Sunday Salon posts
  • monthly updates
  • Top Ten Tuesday
  • Book haul posts
  • any sort of creative post
  • posts on life and motherhood
  • lists
  • reviews on back list books get more comments than reviews on front list books

Other random tidbits:

  • most people don’t worry about numbers much, but it is nice to see which reviews are more popular than others
  • Twitter is better for a conversation than blog comments
  • “Twitter is for conversation, blog is for content.” — Belle
  • “Numbers matter to brands, people matter to bloggers. ” — Create With Joy


Ah, there was so much more! Sorry I couldn’t catch it all! I’m telling you, it was FAST! But this will give you a feel for the conversation. Tomorrow at 7 pm Eastern we’ll talk more about social media. Come with questions!


9 thoughts on “Monday’s Twitter Chat Recap: PEOPLE

  1. THank you for doing this recap. I am really curious about the NO LINKS comment. It seems to me that if one mentions a book that was reviewed earlier in the blog it is thoughtful to provide a link so the reader can easily find it. But that is a no-no?

    Also, I participate in those Friday memes where people want you to see their blog post just like you want them to see yours. I am always grateful when a person provides a quick link for me to click to get to their page rather than having to work my way back to them. Your thoughts on that type of link would be helpful.

    1. What people were saying is they don’t want just a link to promote your blog. Giving the direct link, or a referencing link to something you mention in your comments is good. Some people visit a blog and write “Hi, here’s my link” with no comment to indicate they’ve read the post.

  2. I think this recap is right on. I had so much fun; this was the first time I’ve ever been able to follow, much less post, in a Twitter chat and it’s all because you recommended twubs. Thanks again, Suey!

    1. I think if you go “you raise interesting points in your post especially x y and z. I think z says a lot about this specific subject and I find myself agreeing/disagreeing with it. Just so you know I wrote a post on a similar subject here: URL and would be interested to hear what you think” is perhaps the one exception.

      So tie your comment into the main post, and link to something you think is relative.

      What people dont like is comment crashers who come in, go “Nice post” (with no indication they’ve read the post) then “here’s a link to my completely unrelated blog”

    2. I think it is fine if it is a meme that everyone is participating in, because people like to go see what others had to say on the topic, like on Top Ten Tuesday posts. I certainly don’t mind links on those type of posts.

      I also don’t mind links if they leave a thoughtful comment and then at the end say who they are with a link in their blog title. That way I can easily hunt down who left the nice comment and respond back to them.

      That is just my two cents. 🙂

  3. Thanks for this recap!! I wanted so badly to participate but couldn’t do it 🙁 … I loved this: “Numbers matter to brands, people matter to bloggers. ”

  4. I feel like I have to include a link. When I comment on a WP blog, my WP account comes up and I have an old WP blog, but I do not use it. I don’t want people to waste time trying to find my blog.

    I like links in comments. Sometimes I cannot find a commenter’s blog just from her name. Sometimes I end up having to click and click and clink in order to find her blog. I’d rather have a link that I can click to.

    Just my two cents.

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