Spring 2015 Bloggiesta Sign Ups

It’s time! It’s time!

Our first ever  week long Bloggiesta starts on March 23!  But sign ups start today!  Write a To Do List, post it on your blog, and link up in the linky at the bottom of this post.

But just in case you are new to  Bloggiesta, first let me ‘splain.  Bloggiesta is a blogging marathon (sometimes over a weekend, sometimes four days and this time one week!) where we as bloggers gather together to help each other work on all sorts of blogging tasks, stuff that we often put off and avoid. Or stuff that we’re scared of trying. Or stuff that we haven’t had time for. But during Bloggiesta all that stuff suddenly becomes fun! There are others doing the same thing ! So, it becomes a party! Wait, no. It’s a FIESTA! (To learn more, see our about page.)

There’ll be a list of Mini Challenges to work on, so stay tuned for those. They’ll be posted here next Sunday, the day before the event gets officially rolling. In the meantime, you can get ideas for your lists by checking out the past challenges here. Also, you can use this basic To Do List to get you started.

There’ll be a Twitter chat party every day of the event, each one geared toward a different blogging theme.  Thanks to a brilliant idea from The Book Vixen and with additional help from The Bluestocking Society, we’ve come up with themes that match our mascot’s acronym: PEDRO. . . People, E-presence, Display, Reviews and Organize, plus two miscellaneous themes for the weekend.

Here’s the schedule (all times in Eastern Daylight Time):
  • Monday March 23rd at 4:00 p.m. Eastern: PEOPLE: Giving and Getting Comments and Followers
  • Tuesday March 24th 7 p.m. Eastern: E-PRESENCE: Social Media Savvy
  • Wednesday March 25th at 12 p.m. noon Eastern: DISPLAY:  Side Bars and  Page Layout
  • Thursday March 26th at 9 p.m. Eastern: REVIEWS and Other Content Ideas (guest hosted by Jessica from The Bluestocking Society)
  • Friday March 27th at 9 p.m. Eastern: ORGANIZE: No Stress Allowed (guest hosted by Amanda from On a Book Bender)
  • Saturday March 28th at 2:00 p.m. Eastern: Books and Reading (guest hosted by Rachel Noel from Purple Owl Reviews)
  • Sunday March 29th at 3 p.m. Eastern: Feedback and Free for All

If you’re new to Twitter chatting, no worries. There’s going to be a mini challenge all about it! So look for that! We hope to see you come to all or as many as you can. It’s always a fun time!

And finally, time to link up your To Do Lists! Be sure to link to the actual post of your list, not just to your blog. If you have a Twitter account, put that in parenthesis after your name so we can find you there too! Thanks!

39 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Bloggiesta Sign Ups

  1. I’m on hiatus from blogging right now, but I LOVE the idea of a week-long event. Kinda sad I won’t be participating. But if my baby doesn’t show up early, I might crash some of the chats.

  2. I love this event, and I get very excited every time. You’d think that it might get old, or even boring…but that doesn’t happen.

    Since I have eleven blogs (yes, I should probably rethink all of that!), I choose a different one each time. And sometimes do a few things on other sites, as well.

  3. This looks so fun! Too bad I’m stuck with my dissertation for uni :/ But you guys have fun! Looking forward to reading all the awesome stuff you guys will be posting 😉

  4. Love this opportunity to wake up my poor, disused blogs and give them a little kick in the pants. =) And Twitter chats, oh, I have no idea about those, and I’ll look forward to learning.

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