Wednesday’s Chat Recap: Display

Today we talked about what makes a blog page LOOK good! Here’s what was decided:

What You Should Have

  • an About Me page
  • review policy
  • rating scale
  • contact page
  • currently reading
  • search bar
  • social media follow me icons
  • subscribe options
  • recent posts

What NOT to Have

  • moving images
  • countdown widgets
  • too many ads
  • videos
  • automatically playing music
  • pop ups
  • too many images
  • links/images for every community you belong to!

What should an About Me page include?

  • your personality
  • who are you?
  • what do you do outside of reading?
  • what are your hobbies?
  • what’s your bloggy background?
  • some pictures would be fun!
  • what makes you unique?
  • what type of books do you like to read?

What makes a blog look nice and readable?

  • lots of white space
  • light backgrounds
  • no script fonts
  • no colored type (or very little)
  • breaks in text

Sidebars and Menus

  • maybe just have one sidebar with minimal content
  • three column layouts are out!
  • maybe you can get away with no sidebars? Maybe have stuff in a footer?
  • drop down menus are nice, but no more than 5 to 7 links
  • only have one row of tabs

Size? Any bigger then 700 px for your blog content area is too hard to read. Headers should be small, not take up the whole front page and should be no bigger than 350px.

We talked about so much more than this! At the end, we sent links to our blogs for instant feedback. If you missed out on that and are genuinely interested in feedback on your blog’s look, layout, colors, fonts, images, sidebars, etc.  we decided to try having a link here  for additional feedback.

Please, if you leave a link, plan to click around to the other links here and not only GET feedback but GIVE it too. Yes? Nice, helpful, constructive feedback!

Updated to add: Give your feedback by commenting on the person’s most recent blog post… or find their Twitter and send them a tweet. Will that work for everyone? 

13 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Chat Recap: Display

  1. I am totally impressed with how well-run this event is! Missed this chat for getting carried away with blog-hopping marathon, hoping to join one later in week. Fantastic that you provide a round-up of summary points to consider 🙂

  2. Suey- You’re sounding a little paranoid on the 3 columns. Only 1 person said that. Don’t go changing your blog just for that. UGGs are technically out, but we all still wear them!

    Again, thank you so much for all your work this week. I have learned so much. I just hired Creative Whim to convert me to WP and got a URL! So most of my list is out the window, now.

    1. LOL! I am a little paranoid! But that being said, doubt I’ll ever get rid of my lovely three columns. I’m very attached to them!

  3. I, too, want to say how awesome this event is going! Suey and everyone else is making this event rock. I haven’t made it to a single twitter chat, but I really want to. Wish I’d made it to this one – my blog pretty much hits all the wrong points listed above 🙁

  4. Thanks so much for these recaps! My participation hasn’t been what I’d hoped it would be so far this week. I’m happy to see moving images and videos in the what not to have list–I find them so distracting and thought I was the only one since so many blogs have them.

  5. That’s definitely personal preference. I don’t really like those “white space” templates to be honest. It feels too unpersonal to me and there’s a lot of big blogs out there who don’t have themes like that. I guess its all subjective to a certain extent

    -Jen @ The Bookavid

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