The Future of Bloggiesta: Please Meet Your New Co-hosts!


Big changes are happening around here!

After nearly five years at the helm of Bloggiesta it’s time for me, Suey, to hand control over to others. I feel like I’ve lost the energy and enthusiasm needed to keep this event up and running and make it as awesome as it can and should be.

And so, in considering a list of huge Bloggiesta supporters, I’ve settled on a couple of bloggers that I feel will be able to continue the tradition and take over the event with confidence.

And so I present to you the new co-hosts of Bloggiesta:

MC from Blame It On The Books


Emily from Emily Reads Everything

These two have Bloggiesta to thank for becoming best blogging buddies and have always been enthusiastic and supportive of the event. I feel they will be perfect in keeping it going and making it even better. Let’s all show them support and when it’s time for Bloggiesta to roll around again! So come and party!

Good luck to you all! It’s been fun! And you know I’ll still be around helping out and participating!

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