Spring Bloggiesta 2017 Halfway Point Twitter Chat Recap

Tonight we chatted about how to prevent blogging from becoming a chore. We have all had periods of time where blogging feels more like a burden than a hobby. It was nice to see that everyone has been there before and share ideas about how to get through the rough times!

Welcome everyone to the #Bloggiesta Chat!!! I’m @Silelda and I’ll be your host. Who all is here? Where are you from?

What are some of the stressors of blogging that may make it less fun for you? Suggestions for making them less stressful? #Bloggiesta

What do you do to break out of a blogging slump? #Bloggiesta

Do you have hobbies or activities outside of blogging? What are they? #Bloggiesta

Everyone should be able to take a break from their hobbies. How would you handle needing a hiatus? #Bloggiesta

Any advice for other bloggers on how you keep your blog from taking over your free time? #Bloggiesta

A couple of general tweets to sum up the chat:


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