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Fall Bloggiesta 2017 Finish Line

You did it!

You tackled your to-do list and made great progress! Go you! Pedro is so proud!

Share your accomplishments with us below. Link your crossed-off to-do lists and show us what you got done! That way we can all visit other posts and cheer everyone on!

Thank you so much for joining us for this Bloggiesta. We can’t wait to start planning events for next year. If you are interested in helping with hosting twitter chats or running mini challenges (or if you have any ideas for us!) feel free to reach out and let us know! We have created a Twitter DM group that we can use to contact people who want to help us out in the future. If you would like to be added, contact us on Twitter and make sure you are following @bloggiesta.

See you for our next Bloggiesta….in 2018!

Fall 2017 Bloggiesta Sign Ups

Bloggiesta is almost here! Mark your calendars for September 21-24!!!!

If you’d like to participate with us this coming week for the Fall 2017 Bloggiesta, it’s time to write up a To Do List, post it on your blog , then come back here and link it up!

Your To do list can contain as much or as little as you want to do. Ideas for a basic to do list can be found at this link. You are welcome to copy it and use it however you see fit.

Our mini challenges will be announced on Wednesday, September 20, so you can start planning! But while you wait, you can also check out our list of past mini challenges!

There will be a Twitter chat on Saturday, September 23 @ 2pm EST!

Make sure to follow @Bloggiesta on Twitter and use #bloggiesta so that everyone participating can follow your progress!

And now, here’s the linky. Be sure to link up using the direct URL to your To Do List post.

Thanks and have fun! Can’t wait to see everything you accomplish!

Winter 2016 Mini Bloggiesta


Our next Bloggiesta is happening in TWO WEEKS! It’s a mini one, which means just two days long: January 16 and 17 (the weekend) with a bonus day (Monday, January 18) if you have it has a holiday (or even if you don’t) and want to keep going.

It also means only one Twitter chat will be scheduled (Sunday January 17 at 2 pm Eastern)and only a small list of mini challenges. (If you’d like to do a mini challenge, please reply or email

But mostly it means, a few days here at the start of the new year to set aside some time to get those blogs into shape!

We hope you’ll join us!!

Summer Mini Bloggiesta June 13 and 14


Coming up in three weeks is our Summer Mini Bloggiesta! Be sure to join us June 13 and 14 for a “Back to the Basics” Bloggiesta. We’ll spend the weekend doing some basic blog maintenance like archiving, reviewing, backing up, etc.

But the fun thing is, we’ll be doing it together!

There’ll be no new mini challenges for this Mini Bloggiesta. Use the time instead to catch up on some challenges that you missed from the past.  (Here’s the link to the challenges from our most recent week long Bloggiesta.)

We will have one Twitter chat on Sunday June 14 at 1:00 pm MDT (or 3:00 pm EDT).

The linky for your To Do List and Sign Up posts will go up in a couple of weeks. Keep a look out for that.

Here’s hoping you can use this short quick weekend to get some blogging basics done before the craziness of summer truly kicks in full gear!

Your Best Blogging Advice Ever!


A few of us were chatting one day (well some were chatting and I eavesdropped!) about the stress some people have been feeling lately with the whole blogging adventure. Some bloggers are forgetting to relax and have fun with it. Some bloggers get so worked up about blogging that they make some pretty dire mistakes and then a whole crazy incident happens.

We don’t want that to be your story! And so we’ve decided as part of Bloggiesta week this time around, we’d open up a discussion about the best blogging advice you’ve ever been given. Or the best blogging advice you’d like to give. Please write a post on your own blogs sometime during this week and come back here to link up. If we have a bunch of you participate, it will create this wonderful resource for bloggers to go to when they are feeling the need for help and understanding.

Also, we’d like to give a plug to the Book Blogging Buddy System which is currently being revived. This is where a veteran blogger is paired with a newbie blogger to help with whatever that blogger needs as part of their launch into the blogging world. It’s also a place where you can go to ask any sort of blogging question you have. What a fun and fabulous idea! Be sure to head on over and sign up if you either need help or want to help.

So, what’s the best blogging advice you’ve been given? Write a post and then link up here: